Wednesday 14 September 2011

New version 0.6.4. Incoming calls do things.

Have you ever received a phone call and missed it because your foobar2000 was way too loud?? If so, it's your lucky day. If don't, good for you!
Now incoming calls do nice things such as pausing and muting foobar2000.
What do you think?

Some more cool stuff has been added. Check it out in the release notes below.

Release notes

New features:
  • Added pause on incoming call (configurable via settings).
  • Added automatic reconnection.
  • Added configurable volume up/down steps.

Solved issues:
  • App didn't notice when rating was changed in foobar2000 or in another device using foobar2000controller.
  • Solved more stability issues.


  1. Best app I've ever bought! Thanks for the continuous development and for adding cool features like mute on calls!

  2. Thanks Flo2910,
    I'm glad you are enjoying it!

  3. Excellent app !!!! Thank you so much.
    Version 0.63 still caused my SGS2 to consume 50% and more CPU, tonight I will see if thats still an issue with 0.64

  4. Hi Galen,
    I'm sorry it does consume that huge amount of CPU.
    I must figure out what is causing that..

    Can you try to see what's the CPU consumption in the NowPlaying view, without showing at any moment the Playlist?

  5. Hello Sergi,

    no matter on which view I am (even on the help or about page), the app consumes between 30 and 50 % CPU all the time. Maybe a dualcore issue with the SGS2?

  6. Hi Galen,
    I found an issue which caused it when there was another app in foreground and my app in background (the status bar also counts as an app).

    I've checked the CPU consumption in my Android device and it flows between 7-12% with some peaks around 30% in a 600MHz CPU.

    This afternoon/evening I'll release a new version solving this and a couple of issues more.

  7. I'm interested if is possible to add similar features on outgoing calls (pause playback).