Sunday 17 June 2012

New version 0.8.0 relased! W for Widget makes its appearance

If some had asked me which was the most demanded feature and not available in previous versions, I would have said "A Widget!".

From now on, I don't know what I'll say... Maybe "A better Widget" ?

Release notes

New features:
  • New Widget for PRO version.
Solved issues:
  • Settings crashed in some devices using French language.
  • Improved connection speed.
  • Control buttons now are more usable.
  • Some texts appeared always in English.
  • Solved some application freezes.
Here I leave a screenshot of the brand new Widget.


  1. Hi Sergi,

    thanks for the new version. The widget looks good, but it doesn't work on my SGS2. The track infos are displayed right, but the buttons don't work.

    Still the shake actions in background aren't working very well for me. Sometimes they work now, but only very randomly.

    1. I'm starting to think there's something wrong with your SGS2.. lol
      What Android version do you have? Are you using a custom ROM?

    2. Also, is it possible that you have some sort of Task Killer or something similar that prevents the app to work fine when it's in background?
      I'm clueless on what's wrong.. I can't understand that song info is displayed properly and buttons don't work..

  2. Maybe there's something with my S2, but it's orgiginal Samsung Android 4.03.
    I updateted few seconds, but there's no change.

    Is here anybody with a Samsung Galaxy S2 and its working?

  3. We just published a short review about your software on our german blog. Great piece of Software! It would be cool if you implement a function, which allows to scale the pop-up menu - its really small on my 7 inch tablet ;)

  4. Vielen Dank!
    Great blog you've got there!
    I've added a link to your review in the Useful links section :)

    About the menu pop-up, I can't do it bigger because that's something handles Android... Maybe it's better in last 0.8.1 version?


  5. I saw the update to Version 0.8.1!
    I'm going to update my review soon with some new screens.

    Thanks for the link!