Saturday, 21 November 2015

New version 0.9.4. Internet Radios lovers, this version goes for you.

Hi guys,
There's a new cool feature. You can now add Internet Radios to your current playlist in foobar2000 right form your phone.
It's fairly easy. Select the internet radio from your web browser and click to download it. You'll be prompted to select with which application you want to open the link. Select foobar2000 and it'll be directly added to your playlist.

Btw, this feature was suggested by a user, so feel free to suggest new cool features like this one. I'll do my best to include all your requests.

There are a couple of more things added in this version.

Release notes

New features:
  • Add Internet Radios to your foobar2000 directly browsing from your device web browser. Supported formats: .m3u and .pls.
  • Added sort by Disc Number in playlist.

Solved issues:
  • Added a setting to disable muting of volume keys for those devices where the whole device sound gets muted (i.e. Nexus 7 2012).


  1. The download link for the PC software is down, but I found this using wayback machine. Might not be up to date:[PC-side+setup]+v2.0.1.exe

  2. Tôi đã cố download về nhưng không được,,😙

  3. Hello. You proposed to give you request so, here is mine. I loved being able to control foobar from inside firefox, with the appropriate plugin, but it's not working with the new versions, for a while now. I refused tu update my firefox to keep using this plugin... I had to, and I regret !!!
    So if someone could build a foobar component for that...

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  6. Very-very neat application!
    Is there any way of removing files physicaly and not only from playlist?

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