Thursday 29 December 2011

(Almost) New Year. New version. 0.7.0 is ready to be downloaded

It's been too long since I released the last version but here's a new one!

I hope you like the new version and please keep the comments and feedback coming!

Release notes

New features:
  • Revamped interface.
  • Album name in main layout.
  • Volume bar in main layout.
  • Stop button in main layout.
  • Next random song in main layout.
  • Refresh rate configurable in settings.
  • Catalan language added (thanks Enric Martí)
  • Russian language added (thanks Денис Пузанков)

Solved issues:
  • Album art didn\'t appear in some devices (solved also for Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 ICS).
  • Some really huge Album arts could make the app crash or make no Album art displayed at all.
  • Some other bugfixes.

Known issues:
  • Album art glossy effect is disabled. It will be improved and enabled for future versions.
  • Volume bar is a bit buggy sometimes.

Important note for Android 1.5 users:
I'm sorry guys but Android 1.5 (Cupcake) is no longer supported. You can still use the current version you have but 0.7 is completely incompatible. If the update appears in Market, please do not update.

Happy new year to everyone!


  1. Now i havent used the new version that much - yet - but it looks awesome. Even on my wildfire ;) Keep up the good work man !

  2. looks really nice!

    thanks a lot, have a great new year!

  3. Great job adding the next random track button. Was having to use shake actions previously for this very often used feature.

  4. Hi
    It works fine, thanks, also the PRO version is available now for me.
    I few points you may want to look at:
    When the current playlist is displayed the green bar indicates the current song. It is not very readable though, downtoned color would be better. More importantly the bar is not always updated correctly when I press the forward button for the next track. And the list moves sometimes up or down for some reason.
    Finally a request for an addition. I'd like to be able to swipe a list to move one level up, in stead of using the back button.

  5. I got a chance to play with 0.7 and I really like the interface changes. I disagree with the other commenter over the color though, the green highlight displays fine on my screen. Maybe offer an option to change the color so everyone's satisfied. My nitpick is that the manage playlist section is unchanged. I'd like to see it revamped to look more in line with the new interface and to also be more usable in landscape. As it is right now, the main screen offers the most info in landscape while the playlist manager offers the most info in portrait. This is a bit annoying as I like to view the main window one way, but when I want to edit my playlist I have to move my phone around to get a decent interface. Despite that issue, I really do appreciate the app, thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    You are right about everything.. I didn't change the manage playlist section because I prefered to release teh version earlier rather than delay the release because of that section.

    This weekend I'm releasing a minor version in which I may change the look&feel of that section too (not yet the landscape layout, though).

    I want to redo the whole Manage playlist section so it's more usable and inuitive overall. That'll take time though..
    Suggestions are welcome ;P

  7. Hi Sergi,
    first of all: Happy new year & much THX for your great new version and layout. I like it!

    I have 2 more wishes:

    1. Is it possible to disable the sound, when changing the volume?

    2. When an album has additionaly a back cover (back.jpg), it is displayed on my phone instead of the front-cover (cover.jpg). I think the controller displays the first cover in alphabet. Can you change this?


    Greets Martin

  8. Hey great new Version!!

    But i want to ask for one feature: Can you add Search capability for the media library. Because on my desktop pc i normally use quicksearchpanel and mostly i only have one playlist open. I really want to search my library instead of the current playlist. As i understand http_controll is capable of doing that

  9. oha there is a media library icon in you gui preview, maybe you already planning such a feature didn't see that.

  10. Hi Anonymous,
    1 - I'll look into it but I thinks it's not possible. Maybe I'm wrong. I tend to be :P

    2 - You should twak your config file to choose the album art that suits you the best. More info here: