Sunday 4 December 2011

Stay tuned. Something's coming...

I can't say pretty much more but stay tuned because something is coming in the following days...

I can only say that all those who complain about not having the volume accessible, or stop button (or even next random song!) will be happy with what's coming.. :D

All those iOS-haters don't worry..

Catalan and Russian lovers/speakers will rejoice too.


  1. :) looking forward to some improved controls

  2. Can't wait!
    I have another question: I have the PRO version on my phone, but I have a new (obscure) tablet now and the PRO is not listed in the Market. Can you make that available?

  3. Hi Pete10,
    Afaik, the PRO version is not compatible with unofficial ROMS and "unofficial" tablets.

    It'll be probably compatible in a future version.

  4. I'm not getting a lot of love from Foobar2000 controller on my Galaxy Nexus ICS... will that be fixed too? :)

  5. Hi Robert,
    I'll sure look into it. What problems are you facing?

  6. Can we expect something for Christmas?

  7. Hi Pete10,
    The new version will be available before the end of the year. I wanted to release it before but I haven't been able. :/

  8. Hi Sergi,
    First, many thanks for your job, it is very useful !!!
    I have a little question : I'm using my PC as a preamp connecting directly the computer to a wireless DAC to a power amp (player = foobar of course, on Kernel Streaming mode). So, my only way to controle volume is foobar's controler.

    => Would it be possible to modify the volume via foobar2000 controller with a step by 0.1% for example ? Because 1 or 2% is really too big for me (it doubles the volume level between 1 et 2% for example).

    Best regards, and Happy Christmas :)

  9. Hi Oyertatane,
    In my list of new possible features is making this volume step configurable in settings. Nevertheless, I never thought of making 0,1% available. But, that's because I didn't know that was usefull.
    I'll consider implement this in next versions and also I'll look into logarithmic volume control. It may be more usefull..

    By the way, is the volume bar usefull for you?

    Regards and Merry Christmas.

  10. Thanks for your answer.
    A logarithmic volume could be efficient, it will depend on the speed of the volume increase (ie really slow in the first steps and then faster, to be defined).
    An other solution if logarithm is to difficult to fine tune would be to add a checkbox "preamp mode" changing the the volume scale (because I think my need is quite rare, only for people using their computer as a preamp)

    We are waiting for the next version very impatiently !


  11. Hi Sergi,
    To get back on my problems using Foobar2000controller Pro on my Galaxy Nexus/ICS phone. I fiddled around most functions and actually a lot of things just work as expected. Only 2 problems are consistent:
    1) No album art. All the buttons are in the top part of the screen with a big black empty part below it.
    2) Playlist management crashes. I just sent a crash report for that issue. Also when it's not crashing I can browse but not select a song to play.
    Hope this helps, thanks for looking into the matter!

  12. Ah, one more thing:
    3) I can't leave/close the program using the software 'back u-turn arrow' button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  13. Hi Robert,
    1 and 3 are already solved for the next version.
    2 I can't reproduce it with my emulator and I can't find the report you sent. I've solved a couple of possibles crashes in there, though. Please let me know if it's working in the next version ok?

    Thanks for your feedback!

  14. Good to hear you've already fixed these issues! Concerning 2) Its the 'manage playlist' button that pops up after pushing the 'three dots'. If it doesn't crash it takes about 10 seconds to load up (I have +/- 20 playlists in Foobar). I just filed another crash event called 'slow playlist managing'. When its finally there the only 'action' possibility I have is 'remove element from playlist'.
    Looking forward to use the new version!