Thursday 28 July 2011

New version 0.6.0. So little outside - So much inside.

It may look like there aren't lots of new features and this is a minor release, but the code has been majorly changed to improve stability and speed and make the app more scalable for future features.

Please bear in mind that you should install the last PC-side installer (download here) to have the app fully working.

Take a look at the long release notes for more info:

Release notes

New features

  • Current time is shown when dragging the progress bar.
  • The app notices changes in foobar2000 made by another Android device or by foobar2000 itself.
  • Added Hungarian language (thanks Lajos Toth).
  • Loading icon is shown when loading album art, playlist or media library browser.
  • Current playing song info is retrieved faster (only using the last PC-side installer).

Solvd issues:

  • More of the same... artist didn't work.
  • Some very large album arts were not shown.
  • Corrected translation of SAC feature.
  • Corrected some translations from some languages.
  • The app took too long to refresh after exiting from settings.
  • The albumart was re-downloaded even though it was the same that was already downloaded.
  • Every request to foobar2000 is now faster (only using the last PC-side installer).
  • Improved Shake actions performance.

Known issues:

  • A song is not shown as the one playing (in the playlist or media library browser) if it's enqueued more the once in the current queue.
  • When the app is downloading a large albumart, it can't skip to the next song until the download finishes.
  • The app can work slower after having downloaded and showed the  playlist.
  • The app may work slow with 500 and 1000 playlist items per page.

P.S. In a few days, I'll may show you a sneak preview of the v1.0 UI.

Monday 4 July 2011

Getting ready for next version...(PC-Side needs an upgrade!)

I've been working on the next version and the Server-side will need some update too so the app can work faster.

I've uploaded the PC installer (and also the .zip file) updated so you can be getting ready for the next version.

It just updates the HTTP Control component (to 0.97.9) and adds some needed files.

Please, upgrade the installation the sooner the better so you don't have any problem with the next version.