Thursday 29 December 2011

(Almost) New Year. New version. 0.7.0 is ready to be downloaded

It's been too long since I released the last version but here's a new one!

I hope you like the new version and please keep the comments and feedback coming!

Release notes

New features:
  • Revamped interface.
  • Album name in main layout.
  • Volume bar in main layout.
  • Stop button in main layout.
  • Next random song in main layout.
  • Refresh rate configurable in settings.
  • Catalan language added (thanks Enric Martí)
  • Russian language added (thanks Денис Пузанков)

Solved issues:
  • Album art didn\'t appear in some devices (solved also for Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 ICS).
  • Some really huge Album arts could make the app crash or make no Album art displayed at all.
  • Some other bugfixes.

Known issues:
  • Album art glossy effect is disabled. It will be improved and enabled for future versions.
  • Volume bar is a bit buggy sometimes.

Important note for Android 1.5 users:
I'm sorry guys but Android 1.5 (Cupcake) is no longer supported. You can still use the current version you have but 0.7 is completely incompatible. If the update appears in Market, please do not update.

Happy new year to everyone!

Sunday 4 December 2011

Stay tuned. Something's coming...

I can't say pretty much more but stay tuned because something is coming in the following days...

I can only say that all those who complain about not having the volume accessible, or stop button (or even next random song!) will be happy with what's coming.. :D

All those iOS-haters don't worry..

Catalan and Russian lovers/speakers will rejoice too.

Sunday 18 September 2011

New version 0.6.4b. Cool characters in server's name are now possible

This small release fixes only a problem with special characters such as apostrophe, slash, quotes, etc. 

Now it's possible to use them freely. 

The behaviour with previous versions is unpredictable, so I don't recommend that you try it before updating...

Release notes

Solved issues:
  • There were problems with some special characters in server's name (apostrophe, slashes, quotes, etc.)

BTW, thanks to someone who might be called Mike and wanted to name his server "mike's desktop" :D

Saturday 17 September 2011

What will the new UI look like?

Well, as I promised, here you have some very very early previews of what will the new UI planned to v1.0 (probably won't be seen this year..) look like.

Keep in mind this is just an EARLY preview of the UI. It may end up being something very different or not.

I show it to you so you can critizie it and I can improve it to make it more user-friendly.

Let's the criticism begin! ;P


Friday 16 September 2011

New version 0.6.4a. CPU consumption goes back to normal.

Here's a small version which fixes a couple of things.
The most important one is the one about the CPU consumption but there's also another one who annoyed so many people (the one about the lists).

Anyhow, enjoy the new version!

Release notes
  • Media Library Browser and File Browser lists keep the scroll position when going back.
  • CPU consumption was way too high when the app was in background. (Thanks to Galen and Paul Rewston for noticing it).
  • Solved more stability issues.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

New version 0.6.4. Incoming calls do things.

Have you ever received a phone call and missed it because your foobar2000 was way too loud?? If so, it's your lucky day. If don't, good for you!
Now incoming calls do nice things such as pausing and muting foobar2000.
What do you think?

Some more cool stuff has been added. Check it out in the release notes below.

Release notes

New features:
  • Added pause on incoming call (configurable via settings).
  • Added automatic reconnection.
  • Added configurable volume up/down steps.

Solved issues:
  • App didn't notice when rating was changed in foobar2000 or in another device using foobar2000controller.
  • Solved more stability issues.

Sunday 4 September 2011

New version 0.6.3. Wake-on-LAN makes its debut.

As you could see in release notes from 0.6.2, there was a new MAC setting.
Why would I want the MAC from the server if it weren't for Wake-on-LAN purposes?

That's it! The major feature introduced in this new version is the Wake-on-LAN capability.
Remember to fill the MAC field when adding a new server if you want to use this new WOL ability.

You can wake up servers in the "Disconnected" screen or in the "Manage servers" section.

Release notes

New features:
  • Added Wake-on-LAN functionality.
  • Added empty current playlist option in Manage playlist section.
Solved issues:
  • Solved some issues from Discover server funcionality.

Thursday 1 September 2011

New version 0.6.2 available. Multi-server users are in luck.

Today I bring some more good news.

There's a new version and this one is a good one.

It's been added support to register multiple servers and the servers can discovered automatically (with some limitations, though).

Also, some bugfixes have been applied. 

You can figure out some future features by reading the release notes below... ;D

Release notes

New features:
  • Added multi-server support.
  • Added automatic server discovery.
  • Added change server window on long press anywhere in the Now playing view.
  • Changed "Disconnected" screen.
Solved issues:
  • Some minor bugfixes which could produce FC.
Known issues:
  • Discovery features only works in networks with 255.255.255.X netmask and port 8888 configured in foobar2000
  • 3G IP, 3G Port and MAC settings are still not used in this version.

Wednesday 31 August 2011

New translation system available. Lots of languages wait to be translated.

I've start using an online contributive translation tool which will make things easier for translators (and for me too).

It's open for everyone and I'll apreciate all the need I can get!

I've already added some common languages, but if you want to translate another language, please let me know.

Some popular languages still not translated are (in random order):

  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Danish
If you want to translate the app, please visit the following link and ask for access:

BTW, stay tuned because another update is about to be released.

Saturday 20 August 2011

New version 0.6.1b released. Gingerbread users can Manage playlists again.

A new fix version is available. Only Gingerbread and Honeycomb users will notice something different.

Release notes

Solved issues:
  • Manage playlists sections didn't work anymore in >Android 2.3.x.
Thanks to Allen Fidler who reported this.

Friday 19 August 2011

New version 0.6.1a released. No more random songs for anyone.

You can get rid of those stupid next and previous buttons which made you listen to random songs every time you pressed them.

I've solved a couple of issues too.

As usual, the release notes below.

Release notes

Solved issues
  • Next and Previous buttons always started a random song (thanks to those who noticed it).
  • App crashed when no playlist existed.
  • App could crash under some circumstances with very big album arts.
  • Some other minor bugs have been fixed.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

New version 0.6.1 shows up in Market. Shake problems solved.

I've just released another version in the Market. It will solve a crash that was happening very frequently to (probably) a lot of people.

I've focused this version also to improve a little the Managing playlist section.

See the release notes below for more detailed info.

Release notes

New Features:
  • Now it's possible to add files from different folders at the same time (in Managing playlists section).
  • A dialog with a progress bar is shown when adding files to playlist.

Solved issues:
  • Shake actions were performed even though shake actions were disabled.
  • App crashed always doing a Start Next Random shake action.
  • Items in the root of a disk volume couldn't be added to playlists.
  • The time progress bar got stuck eventually.
  • More stability issues have been fixed.
There's been a problem with the normal version (not the PRO) and I've had to reupload again the apk. If anyone has already updated, will have to update again.
Sorry for the inconveniences.

    Thursday 28 July 2011

    New version 0.6.0. So little outside - So much inside.

    It may look like there aren't lots of new features and this is a minor release, but the code has been majorly changed to improve stability and speed and make the app more scalable for future features.

    Please bear in mind that you should install the last PC-side installer (download here) to have the app fully working.

    Take a look at the long release notes for more info:

    Release notes

    New features

    • Current time is shown when dragging the progress bar.
    • The app notices changes in foobar2000 made by another Android device or by foobar2000 itself.
    • Added Hungarian language (thanks Lajos Toth).
    • Loading icon is shown when loading album art, playlist or media library browser.
    • Current playing song info is retrieved faster (only using the last PC-side installer).

    Solvd issues:

    • More of the same... artist didn't work.
    • Some very large album arts were not shown.
    • Corrected translation of SAC feature.
    • Corrected some translations from some languages.
    • The app took too long to refresh after exiting from settings.
    • The albumart was re-downloaded even though it was the same that was already downloaded.
    • Every request to foobar2000 is now faster (only using the last PC-side installer).
    • Improved Shake actions performance.

    Known issues:

    • A song is not shown as the one playing (in the playlist or media library browser) if it's enqueued more the once in the current queue.
    • When the app is downloading a large albumart, it can't skip to the next song until the download finishes.
    • The app can work slower after having downloaded and showed the  playlist.
    • The app may work slow with 500 and 1000 playlist items per page.

    P.S. In a few days, I'll may show you a sneak preview of the v1.0 UI.

    Monday 4 July 2011

    Getting ready for next version...(PC-Side needs an upgrade!)

    I've been working on the next version and the Server-side will need some update too so the app can work faster.

    I've uploaded the PC installer (and also the .zip file) updated so you can be getting ready for the next version.

    It just updates the HTTP Control component (to 0.97.9) and adds some needed files.

    Please, upgrade the installation the sooner the better so you don't have any problem with the next version.

    Sunday 12 June 2011

    New version 0.5.2 released. Lots of languages, Stop on exit/shake and Stability improvements

    More than a month after the last version, here comes the version 0.5.2.

    You'll find the detailed Release notes below.

    New Features:
    • Added German translation (thanks Martin)
    • Added Polish translation (thanks Jarosław Pietras)
    • Added Korean translation (thanks 이태민)
    • Added French translation (thanks facochere)
    • Added Dutch translation (thanks Nick Voskuilen)
    • Added Spanish translation
    • Added Stop function to Shake Actions
    • Added Stop function on Exit (Disabled by default. Configurable via Settings)

    Solved issues:
    • Improved stability
    • Improved volume keys functionality
    • Playlist items per page was always set to 60
    • Ads in "normal" version were shown/hidden too quickly after Refreshing

    Saturday 28 May 2011

    There are already some languages taken!

    Hi all, I just wanted to update the translation status.

    Thanks to several volunteers, the app is so far translated / being translated into:
    • Spanish
    • German
    • French
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Portuguese
    • Korean
    • Dutch

    I'd like to thank again all of them who are helping me translating it.

    I'd like to remember you that any language is welcome. 
    Japanese, Swedish and Italian might be the most used (and not yet translated) languages, though.

    That'll be all for now!

    Thursday 28 April 2011

    foobar2000 controller becomes translatable. (Translators needed)

    I'm working on making the app translatable and the following version will have English, Spanish and Catalan (at least).

    If anyone is interested in translating it into ANY (real, not Na'vi, Klingon, etc...) language, please contact me.

    Don't worry, there are less than 100 strings to be translated!
    The more languages the better!!

    Thanks in advance!

    BTW, this is the list of the usage of the language of app's users:

    English (United States) – 24.9%
    German – 11.3%
    English (United Kingdom) – 11.2%
    Polish – 8.4%
    Japanese – 3.9%
    French – 3.3%
    Russian – 3%
    Dutch – 2.6%
    Korean – 2.2%
    English (Australia) – 2.2%

    Sunday 24 April 2011

    New version 0.5.1 available. Added all foobar2000 playback orders and SAC. More issues solved.

    There's another release available.
    Check out the release notes:

    New Features:
    • Added all available playback orders in foobar2000 (Default, Repeat (Playlist), Repeat (Track), Random, Shuffle (tracks), Shuffle (Albums), Shuffle (Folders))
    • Added SAC (Stop After Current) control

    Solved issues:
    • Media Library Browsing function crashed sometimes
    • Wrong behaviour of back key in some cases

    I guess more than one will have the same question as me... Isn't Random the same as Shuffle??

    Thursday 21 April 2011

    Released v0.5b. Small fix for 0.5.0. (Rating and Volume control issue in custom ROMs)

    Here's another small fix. It doesn't add anything new. It just fixes a problem with some custom Android ROMs.

    All of those who have a GAOSP ROM, must upgrade to this version.

    It's not necessary for original Android builds, though.

    Solved issues:
    - Volume control and Rating were not working properly in some custom ROMs.

    Wednesday 20 April 2011

    How-to: "Using Media Library Browsing (a.k.a. "Advanced Query")"

    In this mini how-to you'll learn how does the new "Media Library Browsing" feature works.

    First of all, let's configure it in foobar2000.
    1. Go to foobar2000 preferences > Tools > HTTP Control > Media Library

      2. Configure Step 1 (mandatory), Step 2 (optional) and Step 3 (optional). They have to be a valid field like in the example above

      Then let's see Android.

      3. Go to Android and open foobar2000 controller app.

      4. Select the second playlist icon.
      In the example above, the first step will show a list of all the codecs in the Media Library.

      Once you select a codec, there will be a list of all the artist in that codec.  ("FLAC" in the example)

      Once you select an artist, there will be a list of all the albums of that artist. ("Coldplay" in the example above")

      Then, once you select an album, there will be a list of all the songs in that album. ("Prospekt's March" in the example above)

      There you can play a song (by single click on it), enqueue a song or enqueue all of them in that album (both by long click on it).

      In order to go back to a previous step, press the "Back" button of the device.

      Released v0.5a. Small fix for 0.5.0. (Rating and Volume control issue)

      Thanks to Martin, I've been able to fix one issue in Rating and Volume control that made them not working fine.

      Read the short Release notes below.

      New features:
      -Added "Start next song" in shake options

      Solved issues:
      - Volume control and Rating were not working properly

      I apologize..

      Tuesday 19 April 2011

      New release available 0.5! Added Media library browsing.

       Well, after a long month (or even more..) I've been able to release another version..

      The big improvement in this one is the addition of the ability to explore the Media Library by genre, artist, album (depending on  HTTP Control/Media Library settings).

      Check out the changes below.

      New features:
      • Added Advanced Query function (explore genres, artist,albums,etc.)
      • Added setting to keep or not the screen always ON

      Solved issues:
      • Improved speed and avoided FC in some cases
      • App crashed applying glossy effect if the album art was too big

      Known issues:
      • Volume control and rating not working 100% properly (thanks Martin)

      Please, before leaving a negative comment in Android Market ask here in the blog or by e-mail. Most of the negative comments are not because of the app but because of the configuration or even because of the device.

      Also, please leave a comment in the paid app if you buy it. Thanks! :D

      Sunday 6 March 2011

      Version 0.4.3 released. User authentication and some tweaks have been added.

      After a couple of weeks I can finally release another version. Some of you will be happy.

      Take a look at the release notes.

      New features:
      • Added support to user authentication
      • Added confirmation message on exit

      Solved issues:
      • Volume control is now more responsive
      • App crashed if the rating is not an integer
      • Switch playlist, change page and flush queue were not accessible enough. They are now in the playlist view.

      Known issues:
      • Layout in Android 3.0 tablets is not adapted well.

      Friday 25 February 2011

      How to improve Album art shown in Android

      I've seen a couple of complaints about Album art not working fine.

      I've just find out that in the .exe installer there was not the last config files that improved Album art selection.

      There are 2 methods to apply this patch (only PC-side):
      • Re-download the All-in-one installer or the (I've already uploaded the correct ones).
      •  Search the "config" file in the "foobar2000controller" folder and change this:
        • OLD: albumart=$.......
        • NEW: albumart=$directory_path(%path%)\Cover.jpg|$directory_path(%path%)\Cover.png|$directory_path(%path%)\%artist%*-*%album%*front*.*|$directory_path(%path%)\%artist% - %album%*.jpg|$directory_path(%path%)\%artist% - %album%*.png|$directory_path(%path%)\%artist%*.jpg|$directory_path(%path%)\%artist%*.png|$directory_path(%path%)\$if(not(%album%),%artist%*,%album%*.jpg)|$directory_path(%path%)\$if(not(%album%),%artist%*,%album%*.png)|$directory_path(%path%)\*front*.jpg|$directory_path(%path%)\*front*.png|$directory_path(%path%)\*.jpg|$directory_path(%path%)\*.png

      I recommend using the installer, though.

      I hope you like more the Album art with this change.

      foobar2000 controller reaches 1000 downloads in Android Market!

      I've just checked Android Market statistics and the current number of downloads is exactly 1000.

      We'll it's not the most downloaded app I've ever seen but I'm pretty happy with this number.

      Since 04/02/2011 More than 47 people per day have downloaded the app from Android Market.

      Although I'm happy with the 3-digit number, my intention is keeping the app improvement by adding new (hopefully useful) features and improvements asked by you, users.

      We'll celebrate again when the number turns 100K.

      Sunday 20 February 2011

      New version 0.4.2 released (album title and rating now on playlist view)

      You all (normal and PRO) have a new version available at the Google's Market. AppsLib to follow.

      Take a look at the release notes (added features on demand):

      New features
      • Added rating to playlist view
      • Added album title to playlist view
      • Enable/disable pop-up messages in settings

      Solved issues
      • UI speed slighlty improved
      • Current time sometimes is greater than Track Length. 
      Known issues
      • Song length is shown with +30minutes in some devices (thanks Ffenixz)

      Hope you like the new (and small) new features.

      Look how it looks the playlist view now:

      Sunday 6 February 2011

      We're on Twitter and Facebook!! (we've got Gmail too!)

      You can now follow us and get the app's news through this Blog, a page in Facebook and a profile in Twitter.

      Of course, there's an email for anything. All of them below.

      foobar2000 controller supports now Android 2.3!! (0.4.1 version)

      I've just released the 0.4.1 version which only adds support to Android 2.3.x version. Both PRO and normal are uploaded to the Market.

      Solved issues:
      - Application now works on 2.3.x devices

      Known issues
      - Test connection fails if there's no connection (only 2.3).*

      *Only for users with 2.3, it's recommended starting the app when the foobar is already up.
      Android 2.3 users, it's time to enjoy this brand-new version!

      Friday 4 February 2011

      Foobar2000 controller PRO version added to Android Market (also AppsLib!)

      I've just released an Ad-free version for all those who are willing to pay the small amount of 0,90€ for this great-looking and smooth-working piece of software with no Ads!!

      At the moment both the normal and PRO version have the same features and will probably remain like this for a long time.

      Thanks for your support!

      Market link:

      New version 0.4 (finally) hits the Android Market!!

      I've finally uplodaded the app to the Android Market.

      From now on, the .apk will be no longer downloadable from here. Go to the Market and get it there :D
      Introductions done, let's go to the news. A couple of major features have been added to this version.

      New features
      • Added Manage playlist section(add new playlist, add/remove elements by browsing files)
      • Change foobar2000 volume using physical volume buttons
      • Added the values 500 and 1000 to “Playlist items per page in playlist” setting
      Solved issues
      • Really big Album arts make the application crash
      • The current volume is now shown when changing the volume


      Friday 28 January 2011

      What would you change about foobar2000 controller?

      Although the app is still in its very early stage, it's pretty usable and maybe it's time to ask the users: "What would you change?" "What do you like?" "What do you hate?" "Which is the best thing about it?"

      I want to be sure I'm working in the good way :)

      Tuesday 25 January 2011

      New version 0.3 available!

      There you go, another version with some changes, fixes and improvements.

      See the release notes below for more information.

      New features
      • Added Landscape Layouts
      • Added glossy effect to the album art
      • Added the “About” section.
      • Added the setting to configure “Playlist items per page in playlist”
      Solved issues
      • The top side of the album is now not cropped in low-resolution devices
      • Pop-up messages information is now more specific
      • Switch playlist and page didn’t follow the general Look&Feel
      • Improved start-up process time
      • Improved swipe animations

      Hopefully, next version will be finally uploaded to Android Market so the update process will be painless (or as painful as it can be with Android Market).

      Keep an eye on the blog the next days as I’ll be posting more stuff (app-related).

      I almost forgot..

      Sunday 16 January 2011

      New version 0.2 available!

      There's a new version 0.2 available.
      From now on, those who already have the PC configured properly don't have to download again the PC files ( or Automatic setup).

      You just have to donwload the last .apk version and install it in your Android device.

      Take a look at the release notes:

      New features
      - Added support to large screens (Such as Samsung Galaxy Tab)
      - Enable fast scroll in playlist

      Solved issues
      - "More of the same…” feature makes the application crash if the artist or album name contains ‘&’, ‘ ” ’ or ‘ / ‘ characters.
      - Song and album titles and artists names using “ or / characters make the application crash
      - UI is slow-responsive after performing an action
      - Buttons are not adapted depending on screen dpi (Buttons now look better in all devices)
      - When activity resumes it always shows the "now playing" view

      You can download it here:

      Saturday 15 January 2011

      New installer for needed PC components

      I've created an installer to ease the installation process in the PC.

      Download and execute the PC installer and all the needed components in the computer will be automatically placed in their correct folder.

      Wednesday 12 January 2011

      The application is available at Archos' AppsLib market.

      It's already available in Archos own market. All those who have an Archos device will be able to download the application from AppsLib.

      All those who are downloading the application don't forget to download all the needed components. They are required for foobar2000 controller to work.

      Newer versions will keep coming. I'll keep you all informed.

      Don't hesitate to suggest improvements, by the way.

      Sunday 9 January 2011

      First release available! v0.1

      It’s not yet available in Android market but it’ll be soon.


      Android versions
      From 1.5 to 2.2.1

      • Album art
      • Common playback controls (Play/Pause, Next/Previous song, Shuffle ON/OFF)
      • Control time with progress bar
      • Playlist function
      • Search function
      • Rate current-playing song and any song in the playlist
      • Queue/Dequeue elements from playlist
      • Advanced search method (More of the same…artist, album or rating)
      • Switch between playlists
      • Configurable shake actions
      Know issues
      • Not yet compatible with Android 2.3
      • Really big album art files may make the application crash.

      You can download it from here:
      Here you can see screenshots of the application:

      Enjoy it!

      Please if you find any bug contact me, and of course, feel free to make suggestions!

      If you like the application, consider donating. Thanks.

      Foobar2000 controller

      Foobar2000 controller is designed to control a foobar2000 installation remotely using any Android device.
      Installing the following components is mandatory so foobar2000 controller can communicate with foobar2000 and work properly. You can do it through the all-in-one installer:
      • Automatic installation:

      Follow the next instructions in order to make a proper installation:
      1. Install foobar2000 1.0 or higher.
      2. Install the All-in-one PC-side setup and follow the instructions.
      3. Start foobar2000 in the computer and modify component preferences according to your taste in preferences (foobar2000/Preferences/Tools/HTTP Control).
      4. Start foobar2000 Controller in your Android device and modify the software settings in order to connect to your foobar2000 installation.
      5. Make sure there is no firewall or antivirus blocking the connection between your computer and your Android.
      6. You can try to acces to http://your_pc_ip:port/foobar2000controller/ from your Android device to check if the PC-side installation is correct.

      Contact me for any installation issue.