Friday 24 May 2013

New version 0.9.1. All of a sudden a Queue seems like a good thing..

That's right! There's another new version with a major feature being requested since even before oblikoamorale started developing HTTP Control component!

With the help of last version of HTTP Control component (get it here, a modified version, not anymore from the "official" branch) you'll be able to manage the Queue also from the device.

You can add songs to the queue, remove them and even reorder them.

Some fixes have been applied too.

Check out the release notes and a screenshot below.

Release notes

New features
  • New Queue view (last component installation is needed).
  • Added partial translation of Traditional Chinese (thanks to windlite!).
  • HTTP Control component version display in Settings.

Solved issues
  • Fixed playlist titles with some chars.
  • Solved some issues related to queueing songs