Monday 26 August 2013

New translation platform

The old Gengo String platform is shutting down in a few days and I managed to find another nice (nicer) translation platform.
I've invited to the new platform to all those who already helped (21 users!!!) translating but all of you who want to do your bit, just access the new platform and translate like a maniac :D

The url can be found under Translate! section in this very same blog, but can be summarized with the following link: 

Friday 16 August 2013

New version Shutdown your PC.

There's a new version with available in the Play Store.

As you'll see in the changelog, it's a small version but actually with a great addition to the app.

It's something you've been asking for several times, so there you go.

From now on, you'll be able to shutdown, reboot, suspend or hibernate your PC where foobar2000 is installed and running.

Release Notes

New features
  • Added Shutdown, Reboot, Suspend and Hibernate options in Exit dialog and also as a separate menu option. (last component installation is needed).

Check this out!

    Sunday 4 August 2013

    New version 0.9.3. Your Widget dreams come true

    This new version is mainly for PRO users, but users of free version can also benefit from a couple of changes.

    The whole Widgets part has been coded from scratch and there are now up to 4 different widgets to choose:

    •  4x1 without Album art

    • 4x1 with Album art

    • 4x4

    • Lockscreen (only Android 4.2+)

    This last lockscreen widget will be also available as a regular Widget if you are using Android 4.2. It was an Android bug which was fixed in 4.3 version.

    Release Notes

    New features

    • New 4x1 Widget with Album Art display (Only PRO)
    • Improved existing 4x1 Widget(Only PRO)
    • Added 4x4 Widget(Only PRO)
    • Added new lockscreen Widget for Android 4.2+ (Only PRO)
    • Added Estonian translation (thanks to Hannes Kinks!)

    Solved issues

    • Fixed playlist row layout for larger screens

    Enjoy your summer parties controlling your music with foobar2000 controller! (feel free to invite me over too!)