Friday 19 October 2012

New version 0.8.6. Older droids this is Action Bar, Action Bar these are older droids.

A new version is available with the main addition (among a lot more) of Action Bar for all Android versions besides the newer ones as it used to be.

Check out the release notes to see all that's new.

Release notes

New features

  • Action Bar layout is now available for all Android versions.
  • All operation when app is in background can be disabled with a setting.
  • The Wizard now works with servers with credentials (both auto discovery and manual).
  • All Preferences have been reorganized and grouped in a more logical way.
  • Enabled Search and Refresh as Action Bar quick actions.
  • A section in Preferences shows the differences between free and PRO version.
  • Release notes log can be checked from Preferences.
  • App, Installer and Foobar2000 versions can be checked from Preferences.
  • Added Portuguese (thanks Davi Nunes)

Solved issues

  • Now it's possible to use a hostname instead of IP for server during Wizard
  • Minor bugfixing

A screenshot of the new looks in Gingerbread

Sunday 7 October 2012

New version 0.8.5 released. Look at that pretty Notification

A new version has been released with long  release notes.
Maybe the main addition is the buttons and album art in the notification bar.

Look at the release notes, update from Play Store and leave your feedback in any of the available ways. You know, e-mail, blog, twitter, facebook, smoke signals, homing pigeons...

Release notes

New features:

  • Added controls buttons in Notification bar (only 3.0 and higher).
  • Added Album art in Notification bar (all versions)
  • Notification can be disabled in Settings.
  • Improved Album art quality on higher screens and resolutions
  • Album art is now retrieved faster (aprox. 2X faster).
  • Changed Now Playing color in Playlist to a (I hope) more readable colour.

Known issues:

  • New notifications can suffer some eventual bug
  • If album art is not properly displayed (a wrong one or none), press Refresh option from menu.

Solved issues:

  • Widget didn't work in some devices.
  • Fixed crash when making or receiving calls
  • Wizard didn't work with credentials set
Look at this screenshot of new Notification.