Thursday 28 July 2011

New version 0.6.0. So little outside - So much inside.

It may look like there aren't lots of new features and this is a minor release, but the code has been majorly changed to improve stability and speed and make the app more scalable for future features.

Please bear in mind that you should install the last PC-side installer (download here) to have the app fully working.

Take a look at the long release notes for more info:

Release notes

New features

  • Current time is shown when dragging the progress bar.
  • The app notices changes in foobar2000 made by another Android device or by foobar2000 itself.
  • Added Hungarian language (thanks Lajos Toth).
  • Loading icon is shown when loading album art, playlist or media library browser.
  • Current playing song info is retrieved faster (only using the last PC-side installer).

Solvd issues:

  • More of the same... artist didn't work.
  • Some very large album arts were not shown.
  • Corrected translation of SAC feature.
  • Corrected some translations from some languages.
  • The app took too long to refresh after exiting from settings.
  • The albumart was re-downloaded even though it was the same that was already downloaded.
  • Every request to foobar2000 is now faster (only using the last PC-side installer).
  • Improved Shake actions performance.

Known issues:

  • A song is not shown as the one playing (in the playlist or media library browser) if it's enqueued more the once in the current queue.
  • When the app is downloading a large albumart, it can't skip to the next song until the download finishes.
  • The app can work slower after having downloaded and showed the  playlist.
  • The app may work slow with 500 and 1000 playlist items per page.

P.S. In a few days, I'll may show you a sneak preview of the v1.0 UI.


  1. Hey Sergi,

    Thanks for this new version - it's really great!

    Only one issue: When I change the rating in foobar itself, the rating isn't changed in the "fast tagging option". In the further information screen the rating changes.

    But that is really a small thing...

    Greets Martin

  2. Thanks Martin,
    I'll fix in the next version which I'll try to release today because I'm trying to solve an issue that seems to be happening to someone..


  3. I just discovered your excellent app and am so pleased. I am getting a lot of force closings though, maybe responsiveness... It usually happens when im loading and quickly pressing a button. Freezes and vibrates twice and crashes. Samsung fascinate froyo.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to the new ui. This is my new favorite toy!

  4. Hi Sergi!
    What a nice app! I like it bigtime. I used to use Lazik for winamp, but that died some time ago. Luckily though, as I already was using Foobar! This app has better functions, though the GUI from Lazik is a bit better imo. Which is why I cannot wait untill you show us the new GUI! Really something to look forward to!

    I found a grammatical fault. Not a biggie, but it is still there ;] When you just open up Foobar2000 Controller, you see 'STOPED' at the top bar, instead of 'STOPPED' ofcourse ;]

    I have a feature request! Maybe you can build in a selection of servers to pick from? I use this at home, and in my car, (hehehe ;D) so it would be nice if I could just select a server, instead of typing the IP address every time. And on that note, maybe you can do something like DNS? That you can type in the network name from the computer, instead of the IP. That would be handy if you cannot provide a static IP for a machine.

    For now, thanks alot for this app and the new version, it rocked my socks off when I played AC/DC via my Desire Z on my pc! :D

    Keep up the awesome work mate!
    Grtz from The Netherlands!

  5. Hi both anonymous,

    @1st anonymous:
    I'll be able to take a look at it in a week or so. I've received a couple of crash reports from Android Market and I guess that's your problem too.
    I hope I can provide you all a fix.

    @2nd anonymous:
    Thanks for the grammatical fault. I guess there might be some more although I try to write properly :P

    The server selection feature has been in my mind since the begining but seeing that no one had asked for it before (not that I recall), I've been delaying it.
    I'll try to have it done for the next version or so. I think it'll be pretty simple. In fact, it'll be more complicated to think how to display it properly (in a fancy way) in settings.

    About the DNS, I have to look into it because (theoretically) I don't do any IP checking. I mean, you can either enter an IP or a hostname in the IP Address setting. I don't know if it's up to your network setup to resolve the name, up to the OS (Android) or up to my app. I'll also take a look at that because that's actually very common. People usually uses DHCP in their computers (which I don't and I don't either recommend).

    I'm glad you enjoy te app anyway :)

    Thank you both for your feedback.

  6. Hi! i've been using this app from the beginning and love it.
    What i really wish to have is some custom command feature trough foo_http_control. its able to execute command line:

    The feature i'm talking about is a screen with numbers (like phone keypad) where each can execute a custom command url:

    Combined with foo_run_service or scheduler it would bring limitless control over foobar.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Hi Josh,
    Some users had already asked for that and I did my research.
    I was successful (for instance) shutting down the PC with the help from foo_run_service (I don't know about scheduler).

    What I still haven't figured out is how to include this feature in my app.
    I guess I'll have to make a scren where the users define their own actions and I'd show a button for each defined action.

    Any idea is welcome..!

  8. Deleting playlist cause app to crash, I use pro version

  9. Hi lone-coder,
    Could you give me any tip to reproduce it?

    I'm unable to reproduce it..


  10. Hey Sergi.
    Speaking of that instance, the shutting down part, i've got that working with foo scheduler.
    You can define an action within scheduler that when the 'stop' command is given, that scheduler can shutdown the OS. Now, you're app doesn't have a stop button, but you did program the wonderful option to stop Foobar when you exit the program. This combination works like a charm for me.

    What about the new gui btw? ;D
    Keep up the awesome work.

    Grtz from NL

  11. And I see just now that you've released a new version, lol
    Will check that out later =)

  12. Hi Maurice, thanks for sharing that valuable info!

    The new UI is a super-secret project in which I'm still working and won't be introduced until 1.0, which will be released once the app is way more stable than now.

    Btw, the STOP button has no place yet.. I don't actually like the STOP button...hehe

    Anyway, I said I'd show a preview and I promise I'll do that soon ;D

  13. Good, keep it that way! I don't wanna accedently touch the stop button, and shut down my system while I'm on the road! :p
    Else I've gotta stop over, reach out and pull down one of the backseats, find the laptop and press the powerbutton to power it up. Quite a hassle, I must say. ;D
    But it is all worth it, as thanks to your app I can easily access over 70GB of music, while I'm driving. =)
    Give us the preview soon! Can't wait ;D


  14. Hey Sergi,

    I had some spare time, and I made a fast how-to on how to configure the foo scheduler on how it to make it shutdown the system in combination with your app.

    Feel free to use this in whatever way you want it, if it can help you in anyway, or for someone else ;]
    You can find it here:


  15. Well Maurice, I didn't want to be the responsible for a car accident! haha

    Thank you so much for that nice tutorial. I'll make a new post with this step-by-step how-to.

    I'm sure it'll be usefull for a lot of people.