Sunday 18 September 2011

New version 0.6.4b. Cool characters in server's name are now possible

This small release fixes only a problem with special characters such as apostrophe, slash, quotes, etc. 

Now it's possible to use them freely. 

The behaviour with previous versions is unpredictable, so I don't recommend that you try it before updating...

Release notes

Solved issues:
  • There were problems with some special characters in server's name (apostrophe, slashes, quotes, etc.)

BTW, thanks to someone who might be called Mike and wanted to name his server "mike's desktop" :D

Saturday 17 September 2011

What will the new UI look like?

Well, as I promised, here you have some very very early previews of what will the new UI planned to v1.0 (probably won't be seen this year..) look like.

Keep in mind this is just an EARLY preview of the UI. It may end up being something very different or not.

I show it to you so you can critizie it and I can improve it to make it more user-friendly.

Let's the criticism begin! ;P


Friday 16 September 2011

New version 0.6.4a. CPU consumption goes back to normal.

Here's a small version which fixes a couple of things.
The most important one is the one about the CPU consumption but there's also another one who annoyed so many people (the one about the lists).

Anyhow, enjoy the new version!

Release notes
  • Media Library Browser and File Browser lists keep the scroll position when going back.
  • CPU consumption was way too high when the app was in background. (Thanks to Galen and Paul Rewston for noticing it).
  • Solved more stability issues.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

New version 0.6.4. Incoming calls do things.

Have you ever received a phone call and missed it because your foobar2000 was way too loud?? If so, it's your lucky day. If don't, good for you!
Now incoming calls do nice things such as pausing and muting foobar2000.
What do you think?

Some more cool stuff has been added. Check it out in the release notes below.

Release notes

New features:
  • Added pause on incoming call (configurable via settings).
  • Added automatic reconnection.
  • Added configurable volume up/down steps.

Solved issues:
  • App didn't notice when rating was changed in foobar2000 or in another device using foobar2000controller.
  • Solved more stability issues.

Sunday 4 September 2011

New version 0.6.3. Wake-on-LAN makes its debut.

As you could see in release notes from 0.6.2, there was a new MAC setting.
Why would I want the MAC from the server if it weren't for Wake-on-LAN purposes?

That's it! The major feature introduced in this new version is the Wake-on-LAN capability.
Remember to fill the MAC field when adding a new server if you want to use this new WOL ability.

You can wake up servers in the "Disconnected" screen or in the "Manage servers" section.

Release notes

New features:
  • Added Wake-on-LAN functionality.
  • Added empty current playlist option in Manage playlist section.
Solved issues:
  • Solved some issues from Discover server funcionality.

Thursday 1 September 2011

New version 0.6.2 available. Multi-server users are in luck.

Today I bring some more good news.

There's a new version and this one is a good one.

It's been added support to register multiple servers and the servers can discovered automatically (with some limitations, though).

Also, some bugfixes have been applied. 

You can figure out some future features by reading the release notes below... ;D

Release notes

New features:
  • Added multi-server support.
  • Added automatic server discovery.
  • Added change server window on long press anywhere in the Now playing view.
  • Changed "Disconnected" screen.
Solved issues:
  • Some minor bugfixes which could produce FC.
Known issues:
  • Discovery features only works in networks with 255.255.255.X netmask and port 8888 configured in foobar2000
  • 3G IP, 3G Port and MAC settings are still not used in this version.