Thursday 28 April 2011

foobar2000 controller becomes translatable. (Translators needed)

I'm working on making the app translatable and the following version will have English, Spanish and Catalan (at least).

If anyone is interested in translating it into ANY (real, not Na'vi, Klingon, etc...) language, please contact me.

Don't worry, there are less than 100 strings to be translated!
The more languages the better!!

Thanks in advance!

BTW, this is the list of the usage of the language of app's users:

English (United States) – 24.9%
German – 11.3%
English (United Kingdom) – 11.2%
Polish – 8.4%
Japanese – 3.9%
French – 3.3%
Russian – 3%
Dutch – 2.6%
Korean – 2.2%
English (Australia) – 2.2%

Sunday 24 April 2011

New version 0.5.1 available. Added all foobar2000 playback orders and SAC. More issues solved.

There's another release available.
Check out the release notes:

New Features:
  • Added all available playback orders in foobar2000 (Default, Repeat (Playlist), Repeat (Track), Random, Shuffle (tracks), Shuffle (Albums), Shuffle (Folders))
  • Added SAC (Stop After Current) control

Solved issues:
  • Media Library Browsing function crashed sometimes
  • Wrong behaviour of back key in some cases

I guess more than one will have the same question as me... Isn't Random the same as Shuffle??

Thursday 21 April 2011

Released v0.5b. Small fix for 0.5.0. (Rating and Volume control issue in custom ROMs)

Here's another small fix. It doesn't add anything new. It just fixes a problem with some custom Android ROMs.

All of those who have a GAOSP ROM, must upgrade to this version.

It's not necessary for original Android builds, though.

Solved issues:
- Volume control and Rating were not working properly in some custom ROMs.

Wednesday 20 April 2011

How-to: "Using Media Library Browsing (a.k.a. "Advanced Query")"

In this mini how-to you'll learn how does the new "Media Library Browsing" feature works.

First of all, let's configure it in foobar2000.
  1. Go to foobar2000 preferences > Tools > HTTP Control > Media Library

    2. Configure Step 1 (mandatory), Step 2 (optional) and Step 3 (optional). They have to be a valid field like in the example above

    Then let's see Android.

    3. Go to Android and open foobar2000 controller app.

    4. Select the second playlist icon.
    In the example above, the first step will show a list of all the codecs in the Media Library.

    Once you select a codec, there will be a list of all the artist in that codec.  ("FLAC" in the example)

    Once you select an artist, there will be a list of all the albums of that artist. ("Coldplay" in the example above")

    Then, once you select an album, there will be a list of all the songs in that album. ("Prospekt's March" in the example above)

    There you can play a song (by single click on it), enqueue a song or enqueue all of them in that album (both by long click on it).

    In order to go back to a previous step, press the "Back" button of the device.

    Released v0.5a. Small fix for 0.5.0. (Rating and Volume control issue)

    Thanks to Martin, I've been able to fix one issue in Rating and Volume control that made them not working fine.

    Read the short Release notes below.

    New features:
    -Added "Start next song" in shake options

    Solved issues:
    - Volume control and Rating were not working properly

    I apologize..

    Tuesday 19 April 2011

    New release available 0.5! Added Media library browsing.

     Well, after a long month (or even more..) I've been able to release another version..

    The big improvement in this one is the addition of the ability to explore the Media Library by genre, artist, album (depending on  HTTP Control/Media Library settings).

    Check out the changes below.

    New features:
    • Added Advanced Query function (explore genres, artist,albums,etc.)
    • Added setting to keep or not the screen always ON

    Solved issues:
    • Improved speed and avoided FC in some cases
    • App crashed applying glossy effect if the album art was too big

    Known issues:
    • Volume control and rating not working 100% properly (thanks Martin)

    Please, before leaving a negative comment in Android Market ask here in the blog or by e-mail. Most of the negative comments are not because of the app but because of the configuration or even because of the device.

    Also, please leave a comment in the paid app if you buy it. Thanks! :D