Friday 19 October 2012

New version 0.8.6. Older droids this is Action Bar, Action Bar these are older droids.

A new version is available with the main addition (among a lot more) of Action Bar for all Android versions besides the newer ones as it used to be.

Check out the release notes to see all that's new.

Release notes

New features

  • Action Bar layout is now available for all Android versions.
  • All operation when app is in background can be disabled with a setting.
  • The Wizard now works with servers with credentials (both auto discovery and manual).
  • All Preferences have been reorganized and grouped in a more logical way.
  • Enabled Search and Refresh as Action Bar quick actions.
  • A section in Preferences shows the differences between free and PRO version.
  • Release notes log can be checked from Preferences.
  • App, Installer and Foobar2000 versions can be checked from Preferences.
  • Added Portuguese (thanks Davi Nunes)

Solved issues

  • Now it's possible to use a hostname instead of IP for server during Wizard
  • Minor bugfixing

A screenshot of the new looks in Gingerbread


  1. First off, awesome app! Just what I was looking for and really easy to install and use. But I have a problem.

    When I want to add songs to my playlist I can add the songs one by one just fine. But when I want to add a folder (with and without sub folders) it doesn't work. It just doesn't add it. I've tried it with with folders containing MP3 and Flac files. I can add them by opening the folders and checking the songs one by one. But that's not easy when there are 50+ songs in one folder :P. Any way to fix this?

    I'm using the pro version with a Samsung Galaxy S3. Thanks.

    1. Hi Akram,
      This is a problem I've seen that happens with faster devices. It's actually a problem of HTTP Control component.
      I'll have to solve it somehow for next versions.

      Thanks for reporting it, though.


  2. Hi Sergi,

    I have the same problem with a nexus 7 tab and the pro version.
    All was right with the 0.8.5 version
    Thanks for you great work.


    1. Hi Pilippe,
      the problem was already in 0.8.5. In fact, it has been since first version where playlist managing was introduced.
      Now with faster devices the problem is worse..

    2. But it was OK for me with the same device and the 0.8.5
      Now if i choose a folder it is not added to thé playlist.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Even if i select file by file. I can't add a song to a playlist.



    1. I'll investigate it but the code has not changed..
      Thanks again.

    2. Philippe, my apologies.
      There was actually a bug..
      It's now fixed and I'll release a fix ASAP.

      Thanks for reporting the problem!

  4. Hi,
    When using the 'manual' add server option in the Add Server Wizard, and selecting 'IP is a hostname', it still doesn't seem to be able to connect to my computer (using the IP address it works fine).
    Is there a certain format it requires the hostname? (so far I have tried and // (without the square brackets).

  5. Hi,
    As far as I know, in Android the name resolving in a local network does only work for rooted phones, where you can add an entry in the hosts file, otherwise, the names in a local network are not resolved to IPs.. You can try any network discovery app and you'll see that none of them returns the name of the discovered PC.

    The hostname in the Wizard is intended to be used where actual dns name resolving is used (dyndns, actual urls, etc.)

  6. Thanks for the reply Sergi.

    The Synology Android apps for remote access to my NAS on my network do seem to pick up the name of the NAS (ie. it's name on the network).

    I have just installed "Fing - Network Tools" also from the Play Store and that seems to pick up IP addresses along with names too. (My phone is unrooted - Motorola Razr I)
    Just thought I'd let you know in case these developers could be of help to you.

    I do love your app though. I have already bought the paid for version to show my support. Would love if you could add mmre ability to share the library from the desktop foobar in a more thorough manner - so for example filter the library using specific tags (including custom tags) so that we can make a playlist from the filter.

    I love poweramp too (for locally stored music) - highly advise you check that out if you looking for some inspiration - it has implemented many ways to view songs and make playlists from within the app.