Friday 24 May 2013

New version 0.9.1. All of a sudden a Queue seems like a good thing..

That's right! There's another new version with a major feature being requested since even before oblikoamorale started developing HTTP Control component!

With the help of last version of HTTP Control component (get it here, a modified version, not anymore from the "official" branch) you'll be able to manage the Queue also from the device.

You can add songs to the queue, remove them and even reorder them.

Some fixes have been applied too.

Check out the release notes and a screenshot below.

Release notes

New features
  • New Queue view (last component installation is needed).
  • Added partial translation of Traditional Chinese (thanks to windlite!).
  • HTTP Control component version display in Settings.

Solved issues
  • Fixed playlist titles with some chars.
  • Solved some issues related to queueing songs


  1. New update is awesome
    thank You for resolving problems with screen rotation on alcatel

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  3. Preliminary Chinese Traditional translation is finished.

    1. Thanks! Will be included in next release.

  4. Hi,Mola
    Really thank U for your great work.
    I enjoyed your work a lot and it worked well all the past time.
    but after I didn't use foobar for a month,then today I found when I opened client on Android,a popup showed me that it can't connnect to the server...and I tried to reset the app...use 'auto discovery'in wizard but it found nothing(It worked formerly),and I tried to install the latest PC side setup,and install it to foobar,and manually set computer's IP on Android client,but when I tap 'Test connection',it said'Can't connect with specied IP and port':( meet this both when I try to connect the http-control of foobar in my 2 PC with win8p and win7...
    I don't enable the condentials.
    I have no idea how to figure it out(´;ω;`)
    Could you give some help?

    1. Hi Gru Jiang,
      Seems that something has changed in the network setup.

      Could you check if the steps described here are of any help? If not please just let me know:

    2. Hi,Mola.
      I changed the 'Listen on'to 'Listen on server_ip:8888',then cancel the select on 'Start server'->OK->enter the prefernces again->select 'Start server'.
      Before, the 'Start server'was'Open',now it shows 'Open server_ip:8888'.
      After that,fb2kcontroller works well agagin on my phone~thank you