Thursday 19 December 2013

New version It's time to reorder your playlist

Hey guys, here's another version for you all.
Consider this my Christmas present for you. It's not much but it's something :)

By the way, all of the new features added are suggestions from users, so you know... Keep on suggesting!!

Release notes

New features:
  • Added "Resume Playback" option to OnAnswered call actions.
  • Playlist items can now be re-ordered with Drag&Drop (like in the Queue).

Solved issues:
  • Menu in Landscape mode was missing some options


  1. is there any way to change the font size of track title and album title ? I use foobar2000 controller as a kind of squeezebox touch, the fonts are too small to read from a distance.

    1. It's not possible yet, but as some people is asking for this, I'll consider re-prioritizing it and implement it sooner.

  2. Hi, fb2kc download is not currently available through the above links. I get the message "Oops! This download is currently unavailable". Could you please advise? Thanks

  3. I have no problem to download it.
    Try this one if still not working: