Sunday 6 March 2011

Version 0.4.3 released. User authentication and some tweaks have been added.

After a couple of weeks I can finally release another version. Some of you will be happy.

Take a look at the release notes.

New features:
  • Added support to user authentication
  • Added confirmation message on exit

Solved issues:
  • Volume control is now more responsive
  • App crashed if the rating is not an integer
  • Switch playlist, change page and flush queue were not accessible enough. They are now in the playlist view.

Known issues:
  • Layout in Android 3.0 tablets is not adapted well.


  1. Hey Sergi!

    Thanks for the new release! I've got a feeling that playlist button is also more responsive now, as most of the time it works at the first go. I love the idea of buttons visible above the playlist. Good work.

  2. I've noticed something strange, though. There is an application 'Spare Parts' able to report what is utilizing sensors the most. I don't know why, but I can always see F2kController near the top of this list, what is indicating it's using sensors pretty heavy. I'm not using built in 'shake actions' feature, therefore I'd guess sensors shouldn't be used at all... What do you think?

  3. Thanks Greg, I'll take a look at the sensors issue.

  4. Hi Greg, There was something that was not done properly and I've just fixed.
    It's actually no big deal as it didn't have any unexpected behaviour but I've fixed it anyway.

    This will be added in the next version.

    Thanks for reporting the issue.

  5. No problem, Sergi. I will let you know if I find anything new. :) Thanks!

  6. I have the newest version now but I can't seem to get it to work now. everytime I connect it says connection error. verify your settings please.

    I'm not sure If I have the right IP address. I just have it set to the default. I have no idea how to find the IP address anways.

  7. Hi ccr,
    You have to change the IP address in settings. Default is but you have to change it according to your own network configuration.

    The IP address is the one from the PC where the foobar2000 is running.
    If you don't know how to get your IP address, look at this site:

  8. Sweet. Got it to work. That link helped. Had to change the numbers up just a little bit.

  9. I have a 2.2.1 Android device, but the Android Market keeps saying that Foobar2000 Controller is not compatible with my device. Why would this be? Is there any way of circumventing this?

  10. It is a Motorola XT720.

  11. You're device is perfectly compatible with the app.. do they say give you any information aside of saying that the app is not compatible?
    Does the app shows in Android Market browsing from your phone?
    Have you tried installing it via Android Market's website?

  12. No, the Android Market website just says that "This item is not compatible with your device." It doesn't show up in my phone's Market app at all.

    Would the fact that I'm in Canada have something to do with it?

  13. Neither of both (free and paid) appear? It's strange.. in the statistics of the app I can see several Canadian users that have downloaded it..
    Maybe you could ask for help in Android Market's support..

  14. Yes, neither show up in the Market for me.

    I will head over to Android Market support and ask there.

  15. The only advice I can find in the support section is this:

    Could it be something about my device that isn't compatible?

  16. There's no reason for your device to be incompatible..unless you are running any custom ROM maybe..
    You phone specs are perfectly compatible with this app.

  17. That could be it. My phone is supposed to be 2.1 locked, but someone on the XDA forums has gotten the Korean 2.2.1 running on North American phones. It's weird, though, as 2.2 only apps like Adobe Flash show up and are installable.

  18. That must be it then.. I'm sorry but I can't do anything about it.. it's the Android Market itself that filters the applications.
    I own an Archos 7 HT which is totally compatible and the app doesn't show either in it..

  19. I'm unable to verify my connection. Despite the fact, I know that everything is up and running correctly, so I do not know why the Android app cannot connect. No firewall is inhibiting it, either. Any suggestions?

  20. I got to looking at the configuration, and for foobar2000controller, it has the url as /index.html. I find an issue that there is no index.html included IN that folder, which could explain my connection issues. Do you think that is the problem?

  21. Hi Josh, index.html file is not needed.
    Can you look at the Console output in foobar2000 an check if any error shows up when you try to connect from Android?

  22. Sergi, I'm getting this error: foo_httpcontrol: error loading C:\Users\Josh\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000\foo_httpcontrol_data\foobar2000controller\index.html when I'm loading it from the browser. When attempting to load via Android, it does nothing.

  23. Hi Josh,
    You don't have to use the "index.html". It doesn't exist and it doesn't have to.

    Don't you see anything from the Android Browser?
    What IP do you have in "Listen on" setting in HTTP Control's settings?

  24. Well, oddly enough, it is now working correctly, without making any changes.

  25. Odd but cool too :D

    Maybe foobar2000 needed a restart or something..we'll never know.. :)

  26. Please can you add option to search the whole library and not only playlist

  27. Hi eikaramba,

    The search function does not search in the current playlist but in the whole Media Library.

  28. Hey, i'd love it to see a feature for searching the playlist only so that you can queue the search results. Another possibility would be the possibility to queue entire search results without changing the playlist.
    Greetings, Martin

  29. Hi Martin, sorry for the delay.

    I can't do anything about what you are asking.
    Foobar2000's search functions changes automatically to another playlist.