Tuesday 19 April 2011

New release available 0.5! Added Media library browsing.

 Well, after a long month (or even more..) I've been able to release another version..

The big improvement in this one is the addition of the ability to explore the Media Library by genre, artist, album (depending on  HTTP Control/Media Library settings).

Check out the changes below.

New features:
  • Added Advanced Query function (explore genres, artist,albums,etc.)
  • Added setting to keep or not the screen always ON

Solved issues:
  • Improved speed and avoided FC in some cases
  • App crashed applying glossy effect if the album art was too big

Known issues:
  • Volume control and rating not working 100% properly (thanks Martin)

Please, before leaving a negative comment in Android Market ask here in the blog or by e-mail. Most of the negative comments are not because of the app but because of the configuration or even because of the device.

Also, please leave a comment in the paid app if you buy it. Thanks! :D


  1. Hey Sergi,

    thanks for the new version. Changelog looks nice! After short testing, I recognized, that the volume control isn't working with 0.5.
    Could you please check this?


  2. One more: The rating also doesn't work for me any longer.

  3. Thanks Martin.

    Isn't it working for you at all?

    I've seen some wrong behaviour and it's definetely not working 100% properly.

    I'll try to provide a fix version tomorrow.

  4. Hm, sorry to ask, but how does one get to the Advanced Query / media library browsing? Can't seem to find it.. :s

    Honestly, to me the interface is a bit confusing. Why are there 2 playlist icons left of the Media buttons? I understand that 1 is playlist selection, while the second is the queue.. but in Foobar this is the same.. It'd be more logical if one of the 2 would become the media library browser. The queue could be sortable, like in the Winamp app, and the long-click actions in the queue are a bit strange (enqueue?).

    Please don't take this as negative criticism, I really like the app and I think it shows a lot of promise :) I'd just like to give it a push in the (for me) right direction ;)

  5. Hi mattias, I know it can be a bit confusing. I'm rethinking the whole UI.

    The first button is the playlist (this one hasn't change its functionality)

    The second one (that's new) is the Advanced Query function. Maybe the name of the function is a bit confusing (I dind't name it..) but with that feature you can explore the whole Media Library (not the playlists).

    You can configure it further in foobar2000 in the HTTP Control>Media Library settings.

    By default, the steps should be: genre>artist>album.

    I hope you understand now how it works. Don't hesitate to ask further, though.

  6. Interesting thoughts, I really enjoyed your blog