Saturday 28 May 2011

There are already some languages taken!

Hi all, I just wanted to update the translation status.

Thanks to several volunteers, the app is so far translated / being translated into:
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Dutch

I'd like to thank again all of them who are helping me translating it.

I'd like to remember you that any language is welcome. 
Japanese, Swedish and Italian might be the most used (and not yet translated) languages, though.

That'll be all for now!


  1. Hi Sergi

    first of all this is the best foobar app ! I tested a few. And your app is my favourite one.
    There´s alway a but: since version 0.5 (?) there´s a problem with the playback control/duration.
    1. It´s quite sluggish when i push the forward button to here the next song. Sometimes nothing happens (it remains on the previous track) but the next song is playing.
    2. Sometimes the wrong duration is diplayed or wrong actual duration.
    3. When i fast forward a song in foobar nothing happens to the duration or only after a long time /the same when a press next or privious song in foobar. Often the wrong duration proceeds when i fast forward in foobar (about 30 sec)
    4. Sometimes the duration is displayed properly but the previous song is displayed f.e
    5. Screen is always on in the settings. but after some time it turns black (just sometimes)
    6. Still FC´s, hungry for battery and processor (device gets really warm), album art will be displayed after a long time when i start the app

    Looks like i´m complaining. But i just want to help to develop the app. It´s great.

    My config: HTC Desire, 2.2, foobar 1.1.5 (i´ll try 1.1.6), foobar2000 controller 0.5.1

  2. Thanks for reporting the issues. I prefer knowing the issues so I can try to solve them and make the app better and more stable.

    It's true that in the 0.5 version I changed the time control. I'll try to reproduce all of them and see if I can solve them.

    Anyway, some of theses problems look like they can be related to a bad connectivity between the device and the computer. You could try to increase the timeout value to 3000 or 4000 ms.
    It may help.

  3. I will give it a try. And you are right. My router is in a bad condition since a few weeks. I will test it with my new one.