Tuesday 16 August 2011

New version 0.6.1 shows up in Market. Shake problems solved.

I've just released another version in the Market. It will solve a crash that was happening very frequently to (probably) a lot of people.

I've focused this version also to improve a little the Managing playlist section.

See the release notes below for more detailed info.

Release notes

New Features:
  • Now it's possible to add files from different folders at the same time (in Managing playlists section).
  • A dialog with a progress bar is shown when adding files to playlist.

Solved issues:
  • Shake actions were performed even though shake actions were disabled.
  • App crashed always doing a Start Next Random shake action.
  • Items in the root of a disk volume couldn't be added to playlists.
  • The time progress bar got stuck eventually.
  • More stability issues have been fixed.
There's been a problem with the normal version (not the PRO) and I've had to reupload again the apk. If anyone has already updated, will have to update again.
Sorry for the inconveniences.


    1. Yo Sergi,

      I updated the app, and the first thing I noticed was that 'STOPED' was corrected, nice ;]

      The app crashed a bit later, though. I'm able to reproduce it. THis is what happened.
      I had two playlists in foobar. the 'Default' and the 'Query' which your app creates. I entered the 'Manage playlists' option, and I touched the playlists option. In that menu, I deleted both the 'Query' and 'Default' playlists, and right after that the app crashed.
      As long as there's no playlist in foobar, the app crashes. Even if I enter the 'Manage playlists' menu, it crashes right away. I can, however, search from the main menu. The app creates the 'Query' playlist again, and after that I can enter the 'manage playlists' menu again without crashing.
      I'm HTC Desire Z 2.3, running the latest foobar2000 controller. And my laptop runs on XP SP3.

      Gotta go, but good work anyway! ;D


    2. Hi Maurice,
      Thanks for reporting the issue so thoroughly!
      Thanks to that I've solved an issue that I had since the first version.

      It's now solved and I'll upload today a new version with this issue and a couple more solved.

    3. You're welcome Sergi
      Keep up the good work ;D


    4. Hello. I bought the Pro version 0.6. I want to update the controller and now the market is telling me "not compatible with HTC Desire". What is the issue? I am running 2.3.3 Gingerbread. Is the possiblity to download APK of updated version manually? Thanks. Martin

    5. Hi Martin,

      I haven't change anything that would make the app incompatible with your HTC Desire and 2.3.3 version.

      You should contact Android Market support because that must be an issue of the Market..

    6. Finally I found the reason and also the solution. http://goo.gl/lK5oU martin

    7. Great, glad you finally figured it out and thanks for sharing.