Tuesday 7 August 2012

New version 0.8.1c. Improvements for PROs and newer Androids

Before leaving on holiday I leave you a new version.

Check out the release notes
Here's a screenshot of how the app looks in my Nexus 7.

New features
- Widget is now resizable in 3.0 and up

Solved issues
- Solved crash receiving calls
- Solved problem with keep screen on setting
- Improved Widget layout (solving some display issues in some devices).
- Improved layout and usability for 3.x and 4.x users

Those having 3.0 and up devices pay special attention to the Action Bar (including inside Manage Playlists section).

Enjoy your holidays!


  1. Hey Sergi,

    now I have foobarcontroller on my ToshibaA200 Tablet and it's great!
    Sadly the widget isn't working very well. On first start the widget is working, but next time, there is no chance to get connected. I have to start a new widget instead. "Touch to update" isn't working for me.

    Greets Martin

    1. Hi Martin, I've solved a bug related to that but I'm afraid that you are explaining is not solved yet..

    2. Hi again, sadly there seems to be one more error. Sometimes it isn't still possible ton update the widget. The only way to get it working again is to remove it and add it new. Hopefully you may find another bug, because I love this feauture. THX!

  2. Hi Sergi, awesome!!! It's working fine now. Thank you very much & I like the new features with headset control. Great ideas! Have a nice weekend! Martin