Thursday 16 August 2012

New version 0.8.2 with some cool additions. Wave to your device

Check out the new version because the new features are really cool.

New features

  • Control foobar now with media buttons (like with a headset or 3rd party apps) (only for PRO version)
  • Fully compatible with WaveControl app (available on Play Store)  (only for PRO version)

Solved issues:

  • Solved a problem where widget could not be clicked
  • Fixed a crash in Managing Playlists with older Android versions

Known issues:

  • Double click on headset button to skip to next song doesn't work fine sometimes

The main addition to this new version is the ability to control the app (thus a foobar2000) with any hardware or software capable of sending media actions like Play, Next, Fast Forward, etc.

I've put special attention to Wave Control which is a really cool app that using the device's proximity sensor will do an action like Play/Pause, Previous, Stop, etc.

It's available in the Play Store and it has a free and a paid version.

The free version is pretty cool but believe me, the paid is (much) BETTER.

Look at this quick demo I've recorded with the foobar2000 controller & Wave Control working together.

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