Friday 28 December 2012

New version 0.8.9. Merry Play from file.

After being requested hundreds of thousands of times.. Play from file is finally available!!

You can find it as the third icon, next to Media Library and there access to all the files from your PC and Network. Simply click on a file it and it'll start playing. Some more actions are available via long-click in either a folder or a file.
There's also a couple of new settings for the new functionality under "Display settings" section.

Besides the huge addition of playing from file, there has been quite a lot of internal reworking to make the app smoother and reliable. I hope that statement comes true..

Release notes

New features

  • Play from file feature available.
  • Improved overall speed and stability.
  • Added Norwegian language (thanks Tim Bastiansen -

Solved issues

  • Sometimes Exit had to be executed more than once to exit the app.
  • Minor bug fixing.

Look, the playing son is also highlighted:

Please feel free as always to leave your feedback using any of the available ways to contact me.


  1. I am ecstatic! And what a total surprise for me to open the controller and read the update. Works great! GREAT!! I never have to get off my ass again.

    Thank you for ALL the great work you've done. I love it so much I am going to pay for it again thru your donate button.


    1. Thanks! This kind of feedback is the on that makes you keep improving the app :)

    2. Well, I've been driving it around from my sofa for the last 24 and I am still impressed.

      Most the time I just want to add songs to play in cue, but sometimes I want to start from scratch. Perhaps add clear&play to the long-press?

      Possibly you've already got this in the long-press, but I haven't figured it out yet. Folder Actions doesn't read correctly on my Samsung Galaxy - the words do not all fit in the box.

      One more item for a long-press, remove song from playlist... Ya know, sometimes there is that one song on the album you just gotta skip.

      Hey. Whatever. I love it. It works great where it counts!!! I appreciate that it opens last opened file even after restart. The interface is clean and fast. The whole app has come a long way in the last year.

      You have my permission to start the new year off with your chin up... your chest out... and a big medallion on!


    3. I'm really glad you like the app, the new feature and where the app is going.

      Thanks for the good feedback :)

      Maybe I could think of adding more entries to the long-press that override the settings. Something like "Play this folder and clear current playlist", "Play only this file"...
      Things like that, but maybe that would end up being too confusing..

      If you most of the time want to play only a song from the folder and not the whole folder, you should disable the settings "Clear Playlist" and "Play whole folder".

      About the problem with Samsung Galaxy, could you send me an email with an screenshot of the problem?

      I hope you have started the year nicely.