Sunday 30 December 2012

New version 0.8.9a. "Play from file" receives some tweaks

There's a new version with some improvements in the brand new "Play from file" feature.

The behaviour of the functionality has been changed and tweaked a little bit.
Nevertheless, it can be set back to how it worked previously with some new settings added.

Check out the release notes and get your music ready for that crazy New Year's Eve party you are planning.

Release notes

New features
  • Changed Play from file behaviour (configurable via Settings).
  • Added "Play this folder" to folders' contextual menu.

Solved issues
  • Some bug fixing.

Happy new year 2013 everyone!


  1. Hi.

    Why installer does not put files in my user's profile /appdata/roaming... as it is needed for non portable foobar installation ?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      If foobar2000 is installed in the default location, the installer detects it as standard installation, otherwise it's detected as portable.
      So, if you installed foobar2000 normal installation but different location than default, the files are not copied into appdata/roaming/...

  2. Hi Sergi,

    Long time no see. It's great work you're doing here, lots of really good changes in project since I last visited your site. :)

    Anyway, I have some weird problem in new version - in playlist view there is a "progress circle" constantly popping-up on the screen. So it looks like playlist is constantly being refreshed, what is causing scrolling of playlist nearly impossible, as every few seconds it pops back to the top.

    Let me know how can I help you to narrow down the problem so we can resolve it.


  3. Hi Greg,
    I've seen this problem when using online radio stations, but not with regular songs/palylists.

    If the playlist is refreshed is because foobar2000 controller thinks the song has changed.

  4. Thanks for your work on this awesome app :)

  5. Please tell me how to make a playlist. When I select 'add to playlist' on a song it adds it but then it gets overwritten the next time I add a song. I cannot make a playlist more than one song. Thanks

    1. Hi,
      To manage playlists, there's a dedicated section in the app which can be accessed by clicking on the Menu > Manage playlists.

      Nevertheless, you can change the behaviour from Play from file list from Settings. By default, everytime you click on a song from the files list, the playlist is cleared and the new song (and the whole folder where the song is placed) is added to the playlist. This behaviour can be changed.
      It's in Settings > Display Settings > Play from file section.