Saturday 27 April 2013

How to stream foobar2000 music to your device

Through the use of a third-party app and another component in foobar2000, it's possible to enjoy your foobar2000 library on your device and still control it with your favourite remote control (or with foobar2000 controller ;) )

Follow the next steps:

  1. Install foo_out_upnp component in foobar2000 and restart it.
  2. Install BubbleUPnP on your Android device from the Play Store and start it.
  3. In foobar2000, select BubbleUPnP as the output device. "File > Preferences > Playback > Output".

Now you can listen to your foobar2000 library and controll it from foobar2000 controller.


  1. Is this even possible via internet connection or wifi only?

    1. From foobar2000 controller point of view, this is factible also via internet. I'm not sure about BubbleUPnP and foobar2000 itself.

      I'll try..

  2. I love love love both your foobar2000 controller and this streaming fb2k music to my Android. Bought license within 30 minutes of trying it.

    However, do you have any similar solution for this for iOS? I also own an iOS device and would love to do the same thing on it.


    1. Hi, thanks for buying the app!
      You have BubbleUPnP also available for iOS, so that shouldn't be a problem.
      About a foobar2000 remote, I think there are some but I personally can't recommend any of it as I haven't tried them...

  3. I know it's an older post but is something different now? Followed instructions here and step 3 isn't working right for me. It's only giving me "null", "Speakers (High Definition audio), and "Primary Sound Device" as options.

  4. Same as kougero, I can't find the option in the output devices list

  5. It works great but I would like to find an alternative to BubbleUPnP. Can you recommend any?