Friday 16 August 2013

New version Shutdown your PC.

There's a new version with available in the Play Store.

As you'll see in the changelog, it's a small version but actually with a great addition to the app.

It's something you've been asking for several times, so there you go.

From now on, you'll be able to shutdown, reboot, suspend or hibernate your PC where foobar2000 is installed and running.

Release Notes

New features
  • Added Shutdown, Reboot, Suspend and Hibernate options in Exit dialog and also as a separate menu option. (last component installation is needed).

Check this out!

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    1. Will you contribute back your changes to the foo_httpcontrol source code? They released a new version of the component solving a few bugs but I don't know if it will be safe to upgrade because it could leave my foobar2000 controller app with some functionality cutted off.