Sunday 4 August 2013

New version 0.9.3. Your Widget dreams come true

This new version is mainly for PRO users, but users of free version can also benefit from a couple of changes.

The whole Widgets part has been coded from scratch and there are now up to 4 different widgets to choose:

  •  4x1 without Album art

  • 4x1 with Album art

  • 4x4

  • Lockscreen (only Android 4.2+)

This last lockscreen widget will be also available as a regular Widget if you are using Android 4.2. It was an Android bug which was fixed in 4.3 version.

Release Notes

New features

  • New 4x1 Widget with Album Art display (Only PRO)
  • Improved existing 4x1 Widget(Only PRO)
  • Added 4x4 Widget(Only PRO)
  • Added new lockscreen Widget for Android 4.2+ (Only PRO)
  • Added Estonian translation (thanks to Hannes Kinks!)

Solved issues

  • Fixed playlist row layout for larger screens

Enjoy your summer parties controlling your music with foobar2000 controller! (feel free to invite me over too!)

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  1. This app is a beautiful thing! Well put together. Thanks a bunch!