Sunday 16 January 2011

New version 0.2 available!

There's a new version 0.2 available.
From now on, those who already have the PC configured properly don't have to download again the PC files ( or Automatic setup).

You just have to donwload the last .apk version and install it in your Android device.

Take a look at the release notes:

New features
- Added support to large screens (Such as Samsung Galaxy Tab)
- Enable fast scroll in playlist

Solved issues
- "More of the same…” feature makes the application crash if the artist or album name contains ‘&’, ‘ ” ’ or ‘ / ‘ characters.
- Song and album titles and artists names using “ or / characters make the application crash
- UI is slow-responsive after performing an action
- Buttons are not adapted depending on screen dpi (Buttons now look better in all devices)
- When activity resumes it always shows the "now playing" view

You can download it here:


  1. Hey Sergi,

    I love your component - it's very great and the best foobar remote controller.

    Here are 2 things, which I would like to see in your component.

    1. volume control over the normal volume buttons on phone.

    2. in normal playing mode: when you touch the cover of the now playing song, there could come the option to rate this song.

    maybe you cann add these. Keep going!


  2. Hi Martin,

    The 1st thing is already scheduled for next versions. It'll be configurable in settings screen wether to use or not the physical buttons to change volume in foobar2000.

    The 2nd thing you just have to swipe (left or right) over the play,next,previous, etc. controls. The rating will then appear.

    Glad you like the app and thanks for your valuable feedback.


  3. Hi Sergi,

    Thanks for your reply!

    @1: Cool - I'm looking forward...

    @2: Nice, that's cool too!

    But btw the setting of the rating isn't working. It's shown right, but when I want to set another rating, your android app says, that the rating is set. But in foobar there is no change. Is this a buck or my fault?


  4. Hi, thanks for the wonderful app, the best foobar control so far (and i tried them all)

    a feature i'm looking for in any media remote (without success) is to shut down the pc remotely. Since foobar can do that it can be a pretty unique doing it with remote.


  5. I've just checked it and it's working properly for me.

    Are you using the last foo_httpcontrol version?

    The required version is 0.97.4.

    The informative message appears regardless of the result of the operation..

    The feature that enables to set the rating was implemented in the last (0.97.4) version of foo_httpcontrol.

    That must be the problem. Upgrade the component and it'll work. If it doesn't (or even if it does) just tell me.

    Thanks again.

  6. I didn't know foobar could do such thing. How can you shutdown the PC using foobar?

  7. Yeah - that was the problem. Now it's working very well. Thanks for your helping information!

  8. well, there are several ways,

    most simple is foo shutdown, basically shut down the comp when foobar playlist stops.

    another method is: foo_scheduler can do various thing (include shutdown) at time or event.

    another solution is foo_run which can run just about anything (including a rundll command for shutdown)

    i dont know which can be implanted trough the http control but i hope there is a solution.

    Thanks for considering my request!


  9. Thanks Josh, I've already foo_run component and it can be used also with foo_httpcontrol.

    I'll probably take your request for future releases. The main problem is that there'll be needed another component :/

    Thanks for sharing ideas and suggestions!

  10. great, looking forward for it. foo_run would be the best, worth waiting. since it can do nearly any kind of task.

    i have a workaround for shutdown anyway a 5 sec silent mp3 in a separate playlist, so i just switch to it, paly it and let foo_shutdown turn off my comp.


  11. This file is currently set to private. :( I so much prefer downloadin an apk and manually installing than using the market place.

  12. I'm sorry but that version is obsolte and the app now can only be downloaded using Android Market or Archos' AppsLib.