Tuesday 25 January 2011

New version 0.3 available!

There you go, another version with some changes, fixes and improvements.

See the release notes below for more information.

New features
  • Added Landscape Layouts
  • Added glossy effect to the album art
  • Added the “About” section.
  • Added the setting to configure “Playlist items per page in playlist”
Solved issues
  • The top side of the album is now not cropped in low-resolution devices
  • Pop-up messages information is now more specific
  • Switch playlist and page didn’t follow the general Look&Feel
  • Improved start-up process time
  • Improved swipe animations

Hopefully, next version will be finally uploaded to Android Market so the update process will be painless (or as painful as it can be with Android Market).

Keep an eye on the blog the next days as I’ll be posting more stuff (app-related).

I almost forgot..

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