Friday 25 February 2011

foobar2000 controller reaches 1000 downloads in Android Market!

I've just checked Android Market statistics and the current number of downloads is exactly 1000.

We'll it's not the most downloaded app I've ever seen but I'm pretty happy with this number.

Since 04/02/2011 More than 47 people per day have downloaded the app from Android Market.

Although I'm happy with the 3-digit number, my intention is keeping the app improvement by adding new (hopefully useful) features and improvements asked by you, users.

We'll celebrate again when the number turns 100K.


  1. Congratulation - let's see the next 1k!

  2. Excellent news I'm sure the dowmloads will continue to rise as more people find out about your app and you continue to improve it with each new update. Ken