Sunday 20 February 2011

New version 0.4.2 released (album title and rating now on playlist view)

You all (normal and PRO) have a new version available at the Google's Market. AppsLib to follow.

Take a look at the release notes (added features on demand):

New features
  • Added rating to playlist view
  • Added album title to playlist view
  • Enable/disable pop-up messages in settings

Solved issues
  • UI speed slighlty improved
  • Current time sometimes is greater than Track Length. 
Known issues
  • Song length is shown with +30minutes in some devices (thanks Ffenixz)

Hope you like the new (and small) new features.

Look how it looks the playlist view now:


  1. Thanks. Really like that we can see the album title in the playlist. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi, i have another question. All my files stores the rating in file tag %rating%. The Playcount plugin stores in a database file. There's a way to use my tag to stores rating?

  3. I'm sorry Joao, there's no way..

  4. Hi Sergi,

    thanks for your good work - like the new features! Keep going!

    Bye, Martin

  5. Well, find a workaround. In foobar preferences/advanced/tools/playback statistics check Automatically sincronize file tags.

  6. Thank you Joao, it might be useful for some people!

  7. Thanks from me too, bought the Pro yesterday and so far, I like it more than my old foomote.
    A few things:
    The volume regulation, the feature I personally use my remote for the most, could be a bit more responsive. As well with the physical buttons and the ui element is has a really noticable lag. It has definitely nothing to do with my wifi, since foomote responds in a heartbeat.
    The other thing is about the rating feature: awesome to have but a little difficult to get to in portrait mode. I'd say make it accessible through a double tap on the album art.
    What do you think?

  8. Hi Stefan,
    Not only I've heard your opinion but I've already improved (hugely IMO) the response from the volume control.
    The other buttons responsiveness is being improved now.

    About the rating feature, I'm thinking of the best solution.. I'm keeping the tap/double tap on the album art for another feature I have in mind..
    I'll think about it..

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback in next version.

  9. Hi Sergi,

    awesome work. exactly what I was looking for!
    I'd appreciate it if the next version supports http control credential settings (username/password). I share a network with my neigbors and would prefer them not to be able to browse my file system.


  10. Hi Martin,
    I'm trying to make the app compatible with user credentials.
    I'm sorry but it won't be possible for the time being.
    If it's technicaly possible, I'll add it ASAP.

  11. Hi Martin, forget what I said.
    I've already added support for user credentials.
    Next version (0.4.3) will have this feature added.

  12. Hi, your app is really awesome. I'd like to buy a Pro version someday but there are still few things that do not work for me as expected.

    I use ZTE Blade and am noticing poor and sluggish response to some on-screen buttons, especially the 'playlist'. The 'shuffle' and 'volume controll slider' are also bit sluggish but it's not as bad. Also, the phone volume keys (when configured to control foobar volume level) are increasing/decreasing the phone volume at the same time.

    Anyway, this app is the best on the market and I'm sure you'll resolve all those issues someday. :)


  13. Hi Greg,
    The responsiveness will be improved in the next version, espcially the shuffle and volume control.
    The playlist button responsiveness is more phone's specs-dependant. Nevertheless, it may be improved a bit.

    I don't know about the volume key control.. I've tested in a HTC Wildfire and it works fine.. There must be something related to your phone as I've not either received any complaint regarding volume keys.


  14. Hi Sergi,
    Thanks for nearly-instant reply! :) I understand that by "phone's specs-dependant responsiveness" you mean that F2k Controller needs to load possibly a lot of data (playlist entries). I agree but even if I have only 50 entries sometimes I have to press that 'button' 5 or 6 times to display playlist. And it looks like I have to hit that "perfect spot", because sometimes it works at one go.

    BTW, I am using a custom ROM - JJ rls9 w/ Android 2.2, so maybe there is some incompatibility with F2k Controller? I can be a beta tester if you like. :)


  15. Hi Greg,
    Sorry for the delay.

    I think what it may be thanks to what you've said: "looks like I have to hit that "perfect spot" ".

    I don't know if custom ROMs work fine or not with foobar2000 controller. If the ROM behaves as the original Android OS, then it must be compatible. Otherwise, the behaviour can be unexpected.

    I think this may be the case. In an original Android build, the volume key pressed event is processed only by my app and not by the system, but in your custom ROM, the event is also processed by the system regardless of the code written in my app to avoid that..
    I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do..
    You could report a bug to the ROM cooker (send me and e-mail if you want more technical info).