Sunday 7 April 2013

New version 0.9.0. New UI comes along with lots of improvements.

Since I released the new version 4 months ago, I've been working on this new version.

At first it can only look like a small layout tweaking and a few new additions, but, believe me, it's far more than that.

I hope my work is reflected in the robustness and performance of the app.

Check out the release notes and start using the new app to discover all new features and fixes.

Release notes

New features
  • Revamped interface
  • Changed disconnected screen
  • Improved overall user experience
  • System Notification not displayed when app is in front (configurable)
  • Improved navigation in Files and Library browsers
  • Added Sort options for Playlist (last installer needed for Descending sorting)
  • More of the same... dialog when touch on Now Playing info.
  • Added "Featuring" field in metadata

Solved issues
  • Improved foobar2000 detection in wizard.
  • Solved a lot of issues

Known issues
  • Improved foobar2000 detection in wizard.

Here are some  new screens.


  1. One of the most useful apps out there, at least for me. I hope queuing songs is easier than in the previous version since it was kind of a chore in that one.

    1. Hi,
      First of all, thanks.
      Secondly, yes, queueing is easier and faster now! :)