Sunday 18 September 2011

New version 0.6.4b. Cool characters in server's name are now possible

This small release fixes only a problem with special characters such as apostrophe, slash, quotes, etc. 

Now it's possible to use them freely. 

The behaviour with previous versions is unpredictable, so I don't recommend that you try it before updating...

Release notes

Solved issues:
  • There were problems with some special characters in server's name (apostrophe, slashes, quotes, etc.)

BTW, thanks to someone who might be called Mike and wanted to name his server "mike's desktop" :D


  1. Nice app man! didnt knew this existed D:
    G+'d because more people need to know this.

    It works great, using it at work, for a kind-of-mediacenter (windows server 2003, foobar 1.1.5)

  2. Thanks olivier!

    Good feedback and spreading the word is always welcome!

    I hope I can release some update with something new soon!!


  3. Sergi,

    I try everything to remote my audiophile computer ( MPD, squeezebox, Synology DS-Audio, DLNA remote)

    Your controller + foobar is for me the best !

    I've just buy the pro version...According to me, there is only one little thing to change :
    - The flashy green in playlist selected item.

    It would nice also to have a link to song lyrics just like in the PowerAMP android app !

    Keep on !


  4. Hi Philippe!
    The lyrics is something I want to implement in futre versions. As a matter of fact, I've already done some research on that.. :P

    What about the flashy green in playlist selected item? What do you suggest?


  5. Hi Sergi,

    I don't know which color to choose, but on my ZTE Blade AMOLED screen i can't even read the title. ( Perhaps, it is my eyes...)

    As your app is for using inside the house. A soft thing like a soft dark grey will be just right. (Poweramp list)

    I've got a message on my smartphone ... telling me that i should use the last foobar component but i've upload them yesterday ....


  6. Sergi,

    There is a forum somewhere on the web to talk about your great app ? I don't know the "SAC" button is using for on the control panel.

    Sorry for my poor English spoken...

    Best regards


  7. Hi Philippe,
    I have no problem with the green color but I'll find something more subtle ;)

    About the last version component, does it keep saying that?

    The SAC button means "Stop After Current" and it's a functionality foobar2000 has which stops the playback when the current song finishes.


  8. By the way, you could use this forum:

    but I don't visit it very often..


  9. Thanks a lot Sergi