Sunday 4 September 2011

New version 0.6.3. Wake-on-LAN makes its debut.

As you could see in release notes from 0.6.2, there was a new MAC setting.
Why would I want the MAC from the server if it weren't for Wake-on-LAN purposes?

That's it! The major feature introduced in this new version is the Wake-on-LAN capability.
Remember to fill the MAC field when adding a new server if you want to use this new WOL ability.

You can wake up servers in the "Disconnected" screen or in the "Manage servers" section.

Release notes

New features:
  • Added Wake-on-LAN functionality.
  • Added empty current playlist option in Manage playlist section.
Solved issues:
  • Solved some issues from Discover server funcionality.


  1. <333
    Awesome mate! Well done!


  2. I can't install this new version on my Milestone 2 anymore :(

  3. Hi Bernardo,
    I can see Milestone 2 as compatible in my Android Developer console.
    I've recently had a similar complaint from another user.
    He found the solution in Android Market's Help forum:

    I haven't changed anything in my app that would make the Milestone 2 incompatible.

    Can you try to contact Android Market's support so they can provide you further support?

    Please let me know if you finally figure it out.

  4. Oh, i see. This happened because I installed the CyanogenMOD ROM on my Milestone 2. Already found a way to fix that. Thanks!

  5. I'm glad you figured it out.
    Could you share the solution so I can provide help to all those who end up having the same problem?


  6. I cant get it to work. WOL. It just say "Wake-on-lan signal sent properly" And nothing happens.

    Am i suppose to do something with my foobar on my computer? I written down the MAC IP and so on.

  7. Hi Anonymous,
    Your computer must be able to wake up by WOL.
    Not all computers can.
    For instance, my main computer (due to ASUS motherboard) doesn't wake up.

    On the other hand, my HTPC (with foxconn motherboard) wakes up with no problem.

    To test your own setup, use this tool which will help you determine if the packets are actually arriving to your PC.

    Run this tool and send a Wake up order from the app. You should see all the packets' information.

    If you don't receive them, something must be blocking them (which is very unlikely).
    If they do arrive, either your motherboard doesn't support WOL or it's not properly configured in the BIOS.

    Please let me know if you get it working.

  8. Yeah! I get lots of diffrent codes, numbers and so on.. But my foobar dosent respond.

    Might be my bios config. Gonna check it out!


  9. I think there's been a missunderstanding.. Wake-on-LAN is supposed to power on the PC but it has nothing to do with fooobar2000 startup.
    You knew that, right?

  10. Oh, okay. Damn i totally missunderstood you then. But it seems it doesnt work anyways.

    thanks for the help anyway!

    But i think it would be nice with a foobar launch feature!

  11. There must be something misconfigured or your motherboard just doesn't support WOL.
    Foobar launch feature is indeed better but you'd need another software (EventGhost for instance) in the PC to achieve that!

  12. Tried to get this to work, so I can turn on my PC for music while still in bed in the morning. Unfortunately I found out that Wake on LAN is only for LAN-connections and not for WLAN. Wake on WLAN doesn't work.

    FYI for anyone who's trying to get this to work :)

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  15. How to set up the wake on lan function ? my pc support this function for ex. via fing application and with foobar controller does not .Suppose we have to set somewhere the mac address?