Thursday 1 September 2011

New version 0.6.2 available. Multi-server users are in luck.

Today I bring some more good news.

There's a new version and this one is a good one.

It's been added support to register multiple servers and the servers can discovered automatically (with some limitations, though).

Also, some bugfixes have been applied. 

You can figure out some future features by reading the release notes below... ;D

Release notes

New features:
  • Added multi-server support.
  • Added automatic server discovery.
  • Added change server window on long press anywhere in the Now playing view.
  • Changed "Disconnected" screen.
Solved issues:
  • Some minor bugfixes which could produce FC.
Known issues:
  • Discovery features only works in networks with 255.255.255.X netmask and port 8888 configured in foobar2000
  • 3G IP, 3G Port and MAC settings are still not used in this version.


  1. Has someone told you that you are awesome? ;D
    Multiple servers, auto detection, whoohoo <3

    Well done! ;D


  2. Yeah it's awesome!

    I'm not sure, if I understand you right, but will it be possible to add a server without WiFi Connection? So that I can control my foobar even from the garden by 3G/UMTS.

  3. Thanks Maurice, I'm glad you like it ;D

    Anonymous, you got that right.
    In a future (probably in one or two versions) you'd configure a 3G ip and whenever you don't have wifi connection but have 3G/4G/whichever mobile connection, you'll be able to control your foobar.
    That will require more networking skills such as port forwarding and being able to know the public IP from that network or (better yet) having a dyndns account.

    In fact, you could do that know by creating a server in which the "IP" is the public IP from the computer. Everytime you lose your WiFi connection you have to switch to the 3G server..

  4. Is it possible to listen to the same song on two servers at the same time - with synchronized playback? What I would like to do is listen to the same song on two different PC's in may flat so I need the playback to be synchronized.

    1. Hi,
      That sounds to me like a hard think to do with foobar2000 controller. There are too many things I can't control with foobar2000 controller..
      In my opinion this should be a component from foobar2000. To do what you want, I'd recommend using this: +

      That means, installing shairport4w in the second foobar2000 computer, which is an Airport Express emulator and installing foo_airplay in your main foobar2000 computer which will allow you to play music in the shaiport4w computer.

      Nevertheless, the foo_airplay component might be still in a early stage and will not allow you to play simultaneously in both computer. I haven't personally tested it..