Saturday 17 September 2011

What will the new UI look like?

Well, as I promised, here you have some very very early previews of what will the new UI planned to v1.0 (probably won't be seen this year..) look like.

Keep in mind this is just an EARLY preview of the UI. It may end up being something very different or not.

I show it to you so you can critizie it and I can improve it to make it more user-friendly.

Let's the criticism begin! ;P



  1. Wow you that came out nicely, but nevertheless the Play button could be bigger, I do not know if this fits glass

  2. its so like the iphone :/ I think that the ui should be similar to the original music app, in order to be consistent with the whole os.

  3. I know it looks like the iPhone UI..
    I was playing the other day with the original music app, and I dind't like it at all.. I would've emulated its UI if it were a good one..

  4. I would change the font in the home page to a Sans Serif font to match all of the text on the "now playing" and playlist pages for continuity. Otherwise the new UI looks great Sergi.

    Although the current controller looks and works quite fine : )

    Thanks for the great application and the updates—it was my first and still ONLY android app that I purchased!

  5. This effect is too strong glass that looked like better would be łagodzniejsze color shift on the beams of names and playback.

  6. I propose to review the UI and something for their example to do

  7. I'm not against a better look (buttons) but this is too close from a Apple design :/

    I have an Android, I don't want an iPhone ;)

  8. It would be cool if you could make a widget for the homescreen. Maybe just controls to skip/pause/play?

  9. Hi Anonymous,
    It's in the top of priorities but I need some time to implement it and I don't have any right now...
    I'll post a new version ASAP...

  10. looks awesome!

    does that mean you will implement media libray support? (by that i mean browsing the files by artist/album)
    That would be just great :)

    also a minor (?) suggestion... would it be possible to also have the player pause on dialing a number, not just on receiving a call?

    great work so far, keep it up!

  11. Hi Anonymous,
    If I undesrtand you, the Media Library support is already available since version 0.5 (see this for more info:

    About the pause on outgoing calls, some users have reported that it already works, but I have to check it myself, though.

  12. thanks for the reply!

    Oh wow... no idea how I could have missed that. Anyway, thats great!

    As on pausing on outgoing calls - I just tested it.
    Initally I configured it to pause on ringing and do nothing on answering the call. With those settings, it doesn't work on outgoing calls. If I set it to do nothing on ringing and pause on answering, it works.
    I'd prefer the pause on ringing, but it's not a big deal.

  13. mh... now i set both to pause and everything works as it should. Strange, because I recall testing this earlier and it caused it to pause on ringing and unpause on answering the call.

    It's probably just me, i've been a bit unconcentrated and confused recently... lack of sleep ;)